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Born and raised in Saskatchewan, much of my family roots are grounded in the flat plains of the Canadian prairies. While work and unique projects have kept me close to home, my appetite for self discovery and adventure has found me gallivanting the globe to explore healing modalities, eco communities and holistic lifestyles that quench the soul and satisfy the mind and body.

With a background in Marketing from the Edward School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan I spent much of my 20s believing ‘the grind’ was the way to achieve success. Sacrificing passion and purpose for what I thought I was supposed to be doing equated to burn out and bottoming out. This is when I dug deep and found some resilience to keep moving forward. While my journey has led me to some amazing opportunities in the marketing, communications and public relations sectors I’ve always known my purpose was to help others on a deeper level. That knowing and intuitive pull was enough to slowly but surely pivot my life in a new direction.

Turning my own mess into my message, I decided it was time to listen to my heart and offer support and healing to others. Carving out a new path that weaves in and incorporates my past experiences, struggles, education, work, triumphs, skills and healing modalities has been an enlightening and joyful experience.  

As a Certified Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) and EFT Practitioner & Emotional Success Coach through AAMET International and NefTI it is an honour to walk with my clients on their journey of self discovery, healing, recovery and success!

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