To expect the unexpected.

Bonjour! Ahoj! Hello!

Welcome to my little space on thee inter-web-mosphere thing. While this has been a long time coming in terms of actually getting the time, energy and dare I say, courage to share some of my tid bits of life experience and perspective...better late than never, oui?

So what to expect from me, the writer and The Naked Fox blog? A lot of life...and I don't mean 'lifestyle'. If you are interested in reading about fashion, home decor and/or how to make the perfect cocktail - you did not land on the right blog. While I often write about those subjects in the pages of glossy magazines - this blog is going to hit on some sensitive topics and hopefully make people a bit a thought provoking way. If you can imagine that. 

I will no doubt use my own life and struggles as a catalyst for most of the topics and direction of this blog which is both terrifying to me yet...well actually at this moment it is really just fucking terrifying! But my hope is that in some small way, by sharing my story and struggles others will become empowered to share theirs, become more compassionate and hopefully shake things up to create positive change.

While saying all of that - I'm a walking contradiction so please be aware of this. Is it an Aquarius thing, does anyone know? While I'm growing in my spirituality and creating that world with my crystals, burning incense and regular conversations with my guides aka invisible homies, I still do refer to myself as a hippy-capitalist. I will never stop wearing heels and I don't believe I have to. I collect European fashion magazines and I hope that doesn't make me a wanna-be elitist but I do enjoy acquiring unique things in my life that have value. I try not to be wasteful. I don't own a microwave (my guy, 'the sexsmith' thinks this is weird). I don't own a television and don't miss it. I try to eat well, put only natural things on me and in me (except for when 'the sexsmith' is away - wink wink nudge nudge). ANYWHO where was I even going with this...some days I swear I have the brain of a dirt squirrel. Oh yes, so do please be prepped for posts or comments, or moments that slightly clash and contradict each other. I'm only human! I also have a strange sense of humour and a potty mouth - if you didn't already notice.

Last and certainly not least if you do choose to come back and read my posts regularly I request one thing: you do so with an open heart. I promise you no one judges me more harshly than myself. What this world needs more of is compassion, uplifting, encouraging and supporting each other - especially women. So please, come back anytime - share some laughs and likely some tears with me and hopefully - we can all learn and grow together.



Ps. Illustrations by Rachael Meckling |

Candace Fox